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amble and twine dried flowers australia welcome to amble and twine

Welcome to AMBLE & TWINE

The Shop is OPEN! 

I know, it took me forever, but I hope you think that it was worth the wait. I want this space to be special. Somewhere you know you can visit to find what you need to grow and create with flowers... a place where you can find inspiration and well-made items to help you bring nature into your home.

These doors are always open and I will always be right here.  Part of what makes my shop so special is that nearly every item I sell, I use.  So, no matter what you have purchased or are thinking of purchasing, I am here to answer any questions you may have. 

I really, truly hope you enjoy.  I hope you can see through my photography how each item plays a part in my life and why I think it is so special, unique, and well-made, and I hope you feel like you've stepped into my garden.

If you follow me on Instagram you can probably tell that I need a space for journalling.  I usually have to struggle to keep my captions within limits.  I hope to use this space to share fun and helpful information, growing and creating tips, and just to delve into the wonderful world of flowers.  Thank you so much for being here and joining me in this journey.  

Elizabeth xx

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  • Charlene

    for Christmas I received a basket and scissors as I always foraging for flowers on my walks. I cant wait to purchase an arrangement. I live in Manly now but I grew up in Newcastle – I am so glad that I have connected with your space.

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