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5 Tips for Drying Flowers

The air is getting warm and summer is definitely here! I can really feel it now and so can my flowers... Some of you have asked me about mould {especially those of you up in Queensland} and other summery issues, so I thought I would share some ideas on how to keep your dried flowers… dry!

~ Ensure there is good air-circulation… Hang your flowers in a room where there are windows, preferably on both sides of the room, so you can have that extra airflow. Darkness is good for drying flowers, but air-circulation is more important! I have a ceiling fan in my flower room, which is very handy on hot days.

~ If you know humidity is a problem for you, plan ahead, and hang small bunches spaced well apart; try to choose the coolest, driest area of your house. You can string up a drying line with two nails and a length of twine against any wall.

~ Hang your dried bouquets and arrangements upside down during the summer. This looks beautiful as well, and once the air has dried out, you can pop them back in a vase and the stems will be straight.

~ To prevent drooping flower heads on your wreaths, try to create them with the final knot at the top of the hoop and material flowing downwards along the wreath, so this never becomes a problem.

~ Wire your strawflowers with Florist Wire. This is where the wired strawflowers really come in handy. No drooping, and not much drying-time required either. 

I hope this helps... and I’d love to know any other tips or tricks that are out there… if you have any please share with us all in the comments below.

Thank you for being here!

Elizabeth Xx

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