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How to Press Flowers

My favourite thing about pressing is that you can use a myriad of materials… Do not feel limited to flowers! Think leaves, little clusters of buds, tiny branching stems, ferns, grasses, whole small plants, roots, seed heads and herbs… You most definitely have something to press just outside your door right now. 

1 ~ Pick botanicals in the morning when they are fresh and dry and be ready to press immediately. If you wait until plants are wilted, they will not press well.

2 ~ Choose flowers and plants that are firm-ish… think eucalyptus... If it is squishy and wet {bulbs, orchids} it may not press well, but I also think that everything is worth an experiment.

3 ~ If you choose a flower like a poppy or nigella, try pinching out the fleshy bit in the middle of the bloom before pressing. Flowers can be pressed flat or on their side. Squish a flower head between your thumb and forefinger a bit {to get it in a side-position} just before pressing.

4 ~ Look for ferny foliage {cosmos, California poppy} or pretty branching stems… look for things that will have a nice silhouette.

5 ~ Never use plastic or wax paper when pressing. Plants need that bit of breathing room that paper or card provides. They need to dry out.

6 ~ Never use corrugated cardboard… this has ripples in it and those will transfer onto your pressings. Use thick stacks of flat paper or thick card/backing board.

7 ~ Your pressings will be ready in just a couple of weeks. They will likely still be green at this stage, and will fade as they age.

8 ~ Get creative… decorate cakes, tape pressings into journals, create your own garden herbarium, festoon your walls, make gorgeous little gift cards… bookmarks… the possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

Xx Elizabeth

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