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How to Start Creating with Dried Flowers

Are you ready to start growing, gathering, and creating with dried flowers?  Here in Australia, our ‘second spring’ is fast approaching!  You may have plenty of summer flowers ready to create with or you may be ready to start sowing new seed varieties after this heat wave is over.  Either way, here are a few quick tips on how to get started!

~ Pick out several seed varieties!  No matter what you want to make, it is nice to have a variety, so pick more than one type of flower.  Choose different sizes and textures, focal flowers and supporting material as well!  My current favourites are ‘Love in a Mist’ and ‘Honesty.’

~ Keep an eye out for possible wreath bases – have a look around your property for bendable branches or vines – maybe there is a jasmine, wisteria, honeysuckle or grape vine that needs to be cut back?  Trim and weave into a circle while the material is fresh, and then leave it to dry and harden.

~ Natural, biodegradable, pure jute twine is my favourite material to use because it is so strong, yet soft on your hands and very easy to work with.  It is easy to grip and tie new lengths together, and I love that it can go straight in the compost as well.  

~ Find a place in your home to start drying!  This can be as simple as two little nails in a wall with a length of twine connecting them; bunches can be tied up along the line, creating a wall of flowers. Gather bunches, strip at least half of the foliage down, secure with rubber bands, and tie them up with twine!  Try to find an area of your home with good air circulation.

~ Start creating!  I always find it easy to start small.  Create little arrangements and posies... Or get started on an everlasting wreath!  The basis for this process, using twine, is to wrap material, bit-by-bit, along your base.  Remember that you can add just a small amount of material, even just a posy or two, and let the base shine.  

~ I am here for you!  I will be sowing an obscene amount of seeds this autumn and I hope you will join me!  Remember that my Wreath Makers Kit is available online – and watch this space for a new, unique kit arriving in March – for those of you that are excited for some new autumn wreath-making ideas!  I'd love to know... what stage are you at... thinking about it, growing flowers for drying, hanging bunches, or creating?  Let me know in the comments below! 


Thank you so much for being here!

Xx Elizabeth

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  • Sue on

    Hi Elizabeth, i don’t, if ever reach out to people but reading your posts struck a cord with me. I spent my whole life loving flowers and nature, and i actually did go to art school and study design. But I’ve never used or utilised any of that. I have always loved my garden and have always grown my own flowers, but it has only been since last summer that i actually became interested in dried florals, so much so i want my own little business ( I’m in the uk) last year i grew strawflowers, poppies, globe thistle and nigella. And of course I forage like mad!!
    This year I’m growing so much more and luckily my dad has an allotment so i may steal some land!
    But I’m still learning, i only discovered wild carrot the other day, I’d been collecting them along the hedgerow but didn’t know what they were, i just found them so pretty when they were dried into their nest like seed heads. So as you can see, very much still learning. I have been wreathing, and every female relative in my family got a dried floral wreath for their Christmas present, i was practicing on them, but they all loved them. I have improved since then and the last few i really like, i wish I could show you for you to critic them. I am on Instagram as I’ve got pics on there, its my personal account. country _girl_sue
    Anyway you clearly have a much better business head than me as i really don’t know were to start with actually selling my creations. Any tips and advice are welcome and I’m sorry i have gone on a bit. Thanks for reading anyway. Sue x

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