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Are you creative? Or, do you doubt yourself? For waaay too long, I doubted my creativity. And I think that I have finally figured out why… I think that it all stems back to grade school and the fact that I have never really been very good at drawing. That’s it! Honestly, when we are young I feel like that is the marker… If you can draw {or paint} accurately, you are a creative person, you should go to art school and have a career in design, and if you can’t draw, you are not creative and you should do something else.

Am I right? How silly… So I’ve spent most of my adult life studying and working in the field of science, not super artsy, but something else I’ve noticed in my life is that almost every single close friend that I have ever had has been some sort of artist! There must be a lesson there. {Keeping art close and gravitating towards it?} Oh the share houses I’ve lived in… they were all so amazing… Every wall covered end to end in crazy one-off works… never eating or drinking out of any vessel that wasn’t hand-thrown.

I think that I always wanted to be more expressive in life, but just never really knew how, or never really found my medium… at least I did know that I wanted to be surrounded by other creative people…

And then I finally found my garden…. I believe that gardening is an art… it expresses so much creativity, imagination, beauty, and emotion. This whole property was like a big blank canvas for me to paint with colours and textures and feelings and ideas…. Anyways, I am looking out at my spring backyard at the moment and it is just completely mesmerising me. If you never thought you were an artist, keep looking for your medium, and if you think that maybe it is in the garden… run towards it fast, RUN, don’t walk, and be creative, because it is just. pure. joy. Anyone else?

Xx Elizabeth

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