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Frank Lloyd Wright


“Study nature,

love nature,

stay close to nature.

It will never fail you.”


~ Frank Lloyd Wright 


These are the words you will find on the very first page inside the Botanical Press. They mean so much to me… they guide me, they inspire me, they bring me comfort…

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) was an American architect, designer, writer, author, teacher… he is probably the most famous of all American architects and well known for coining the term ‘organic architecture,’ defined by designing in harmony with nature… designing into nature… emphasizing texture, natural materials, earthy colour and detail, natural movement… He designed hundreds of buildings, many of which are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum… well worth the search if you haven’t already seen them…

Anyways, you don’t complete a degree in Environmental Studies without knowing who he was, and it was back in my undergraduate days that I first came across this quotation and I still hold it closely today. Particularly, when I’m feeling down… lost… anxious…

It guides me… usually outside! To grow something, make something, or just to look closer at what is out there, even if it is just a little insect, the tiny rustle of a skink, the shape of an arching stem, the curl of a fading flower, or the feeling of a soft leaf…

I have printed this on its own page in the Botanical Press, for you to tack up on your wall or to rediscover each time you open the press… I hope you enjoy it, as much as I do, it is a very special one. Xx

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