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The Botanical Press

The Botanical Press is here!  I've spent nearly a year designing this beautiful Botanical Press!  It has been such a big secret that I am so happy to finally share with you. 

I feel so much love for this special, heirloom-quality treasure and that means I had to get every aspect of it just right.  I have been through so many designs, so many sizes, different materials, different laser cutters, different fixings... the whole thing! 

I've tried solid woods, plywoods, different veneers... I've tried large presses and little ones, thick ones and thin ones.  I've tried steel fixings, powder coated fixings, bronze fixings... You get the idea.  And {news flash} I'm a bit of a perfectionist!  So, hopefully the hard work and paid off and you love it too!    

An art as old as time... pressing is an ancient form of preserving plant material that does not require any chemicals or additives. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy... gather your favourite flowers, petals, leaves, or whole small plants (with roots attached) when they are fresh and dry and place between thick sheets of smooth paper, creating layers. After several weeks have passed, observe your dried treasures... study them, enjoy them, and be inspired to create your own herbarium or artistic project.

This is a beautiful way to look more closely at your environment and connect with the natural world surrounding you. Bring this press with you on travels and hiking trails, to nature reserves and parks, or simply to your backyard garden. Use this press to savour a place, a memory, or a moment with a loved one, and the beauty of nature that made it so special.

These are cut and engraved right here in Newcastle! I have sanded and coated each press with Tung Oil, the most lovely natural wood finish in the world; it is a beautiful, natural oil that is extracted from the seed of the tung tree. It has a protective, matte finish that smells amazing and will protect your press from moisture and spills. However, try not to leave it out in the rain, it prefers to stay dry.

Over the years, feel free to add a bit more tung oil, found at any hardware store, and give your brass a bit of a polish too. With a little bit of care, this lovely Botanical Press will last forever with its heirloom quality.

Another special feature is the material I have used inside the press. It is smooth, thick card. Not cardboard! Cardboard is corrugated, which means that it has ripples in it that will then create ripples on your pressings - not ideal. If you want to add more layers than what I've provided, you are better off with a stack of smooth paper.

Find images and more info about the press in the Shop under the Pressing tab.  I will now be sharing more of my own pressings and herbarium artwork that I make using this press and I would love for you to join me in the journey!  Find me here and on Instagram and never be shy to send me a message with any questions or queries or special requests.  Speaking of special requests... I'm thinking of making an option for customers to have a custom engraving on the press as well, perhaps on the top inside face.  A wedding date or anniversary or birthday or special message... you get the idea.  Thoughts?

Thank you so much for visiting!  

Xx Elizabeth 

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