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Paper Daisy Seeds

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Rhodanthe chlorocephala subsp rosea

This listing is for an extra large 10g packet of seeds!

Seeds are also packed with vermiculite, protecting them from moisture and making them easy to spread over soil.  This packet will cover a 10m2 garden bed for an incredible display.

A magical must-have for the Australian cottage garden, these natives are something special... dot them throughout your wildflower garden to bring in the bees, plant them en masse for an amazing impact, or add them to your native nature strip.  Their height will depend on what time of year you sow, but they will generally stand around 40-50cm tall. 


Sow in the cool season - autumn, winter, or early spring.

The site should be sunny, weed free and well-drained.  Plants are frost tolerant and drought resistant and can be sown Australia wide or internationally under similar conditions. {Please note that I cannot ship seeds overseas.}

These seeds need light to germinate.  Sprinkle seed on surface and then sprinkle some soil on top - very lightly.  You just want to make sure the seeds are secured in the soil but not covered.  Keep moist.

Protect seedlings from slugs and pests.  Early applications of liquid seaweed emulsion are beneficial.  You can also 'pinch' your seedlings for more heavily branching plants.  Keep an eye out for aphids and use a horticultural oil if need be.

To cut your flowers for drying, let them stay in the garden in full bloom until the stem below the flower head feels firm.  Cut early in the morning when they are in good condition.  It is also a good idea to place stems in a bucket of cold water for a couple of hours to 'condition' in before hanging.  Strip stems of their foliage and hang bunches up to dry, with rubber bands and twine, in an area with good air circulation. They will hold their shape and colour perfectly for many years, making them ideal for creating everlasting dried flower bouquets and wreaths or other unique makes.

These fresh, high quality seeds are some of the best available paper daisy seeds in the world.  Seeds have been collected from strong and healthy plants grown in Western Australia, the native environment that these flowers are endemic to.  

- Flowers will bloom in both white and pink with some variation in shades of pink.  

- Extra large packets make the most exciting treat for you and are a thoughtful gift for a gardener, nature lover or flower enthusiast in your life.

Carbon Neutral

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Jessie M.B.
Seed order

My Paper Daisy seeds arrived a few days after ordering and germinated a few days after planting! Thanks so much 💗🌸