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Dried Paper Daisies - Pom Pom

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Cephalipterum drommondii

We need to take a really long moment for this flower.  How unbelievably unique and gorgeous are these paper daisies.

These Western Australian 'Pom Pom' daisies bloom along with all of the paper daisies that blanket the countryside in late winter.  They sit upon single stems, with heads made up of whorls of little fluted bracts, with tiny black dots at the base of each, and round, grey centres within.  There is also a yellow version of this flower, which is the only species in its genus.

And of course, they dry flawlessly.  They actually improve and become more defined in their shape as they dry.  I admire them constantly as they hang upside down in bunches in my studio.  They would be perfectly suited for making flower crowns and everlasting wreaths or any other creative project where their details can be appreciated.

- This variety of daisy does not have very sturdy stems and they will droop in humidity.  If this happens, hang your flowers upside down in lovely bunches from a hook or against a wall or door. 

- Bunches measure approximately L 25m x W 15cm and contain at least 20 blooms

- Australian grown, naturally dried, and fully compostable; never bleached, dyed, preserved or imported.

Carbon Neutral

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