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Common Daisy Seeds

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Bellis perennis 'White'

These beautiful, cheerful, classic cottage garden flowers will have you dreaming you're in the English countryside.

Plant these little daisies towards the front of your flower boarders, in full sun or part shade.  Their low growing habit makes them perfect for pots, planters and baskets.  As their name suggests, they are 'common' daisies or 'lawn' daisies that can often be found naturalised throughout wild, grassy areas or within lawns.  They are technically a perennial and can be left in areas to clump and reshoot, or to self seed, but they are also grown as an annual and can be pulled out when they are finished flowering.  

Seeds are hardy and will take a bit of time to get started, so have some patience.  I suggest starting them in a tray, and letting them grow through winter, and planting them out in the garden in late winter.  They will thrive during spring, and tend to die off in the heat of summer.  Aside from a good watering from time to time, they are a very low maintenance flower.   

- Perfect for pollinators, enjoy watching these daisies attract an array of beneficial insects into your garden.  As with all white flowers, they even attract critters at night, particularly moths, as their bright white petals glow in the dark. 

- Common daisies are a darling little cut flower and perfect for adding to bud vases and bottles on a windowsill.  

- With a similar look to dried chamomile, dried feverfew, or dried zinnias, these flowers can certainly be naturally dried for a unique addition to your everlasting bouquets, wreaths, or dried flower arrangements.  Simply cut bunches when they are in full bloom and hang them upside down in small bunches. 

-1500 seeds are included in each packet.  Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about growing your flowers. 

Carbon Neutral

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