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Larkspur Seeds

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Delphinium consolida 'Pink'

Lovely, lovely Larkspur.  These tall spires are perfect for a sunny part of your flower garden, towards the middle or back of the boarder.  This variety is a beautiful shade of pink and makes a wonderful cut flower, fresh or dried.  To dry the flowers, pick them when the spires are about  three quarters of the way in bloom, and hang them upside down in small bunches.    

And yes, as the scientific name suggests, these are very similar to Delphiniums, but there are a few differences... Delphiniums are a perennial, they are usually blue or white, and the blooms are densely spaced along the spire. 

Larkspur is an annual, with more elegantly spaced blooms, and they come in more colours.  The name 'Lark' also refers to the little blooms, which resemble a bird.

- 100 seeds

Carbon Neutral

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