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Love in a Mist Seeds

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Nigella damascena 'Persian Jewels'

With pastel shades of purple, blue, white and pink flowers floating on top of fine feathery foliage, it's easy to see where these beauties got their name from...

Aside from my strawflowers and paper daisies, these are probably the one flower I could not live without.  And this mix is so special, as it contains all of the incredible shades that nigellas have to offer.  The blooms are magically beautiful in the garden, they really do shine like jewels, and they are so easy to grow and self seed readily...  They make beautiful pressings and the real prize, the seed pods, are second to none. 

Cut bunches of seed pods when they are mature and hang upside down, if seeds start to fall out, try gathering them and throwing them back out in the garden, they will likely sprout up all on their own.  These make the most stunning dried display, all on their own, or add them into your wreaths and bouquets for a unique element.

For pressings, use plenty of the ferny foliage, and pinch out the fleshy middle of the blooms and press them as well when they are fresh and dry.        

- 500 seeds

Carbon Neutral

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I am yet to plant these seeds but will say their packaging is lovely and Amble & Twine's service and presentation wonderful. Many thanks.