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Paper Daisy Seeds

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Rhodanthe chlorocephala subsp rosea or Helipterum roseum 'Giant Flowered Mix'

The ultimate keepsake from your flower garden.  These everlasting daisies are so easy to grow and will provide a stunning display in the garden and then forever in your home.  They hold their shape and colour perfectly, making them ideal for creating everlasting dried flower bouquets and wreaths.  

A magical must-have for the Australian cottage garden, these natives are something special... dot them throughout your garden to bring in the bees, plant them en masse for a stunning display, or add them to your native nature strip.  Their height will depend on what time of year you sow, but they will generally stand around 40cm tall.  These seeds need light to germinate.  Scatter seeds and cover with a very light amount of soil and keep moist. 

- 200 seeds

Carbon Neutral

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