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Russian Statice Seeds

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Limonium suworowii

A unique and hard to find flower seed...  This is not the common statice you are thinking of.  Russian statice is completely different and beyond spectacular.  Also known as 'pink pokers,' or 'rat tail statice,' they make mauve pipe-cleaner-like shoots that are covered in whorls of dainty little blooms.  They are native to Turkestan and while closely related to the traditional statice, they are completely unique.  These long multi-branching plants will grow to a stately 60cm tall, thriving in full sun and withstanding drought.   

Their most notable quality, of course, is their ability to dry perfectly.  In the garden they provide structure and in the home they will last forever.

- 200 seeds

- If you have any questions about sowing and growing your seeds, please feel free to get in touch with me.  Every seed I sell I grow myself so I am always here for you at any step along the way.

Carbon Neutral

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