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Everlasting Wildflower Crown - Child

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A timeless adornment for special occasions…

Child size


Bright - Colourful mix of yellow, mauve, pink and orange / feels like summer

Warm - Earthy tones of ochre, terracotta and apricot / feels like autumn

Blush - Sweet pinks with soft peach and blushing tones / feels like spring

Neutral - White with yellow and a gentle touch of colour / feels like winter

When I think of flower crowns, I think about memories.  And they probably do the same for you.  If I talk about flower crowns with someone, they will eagerly tell me about the wedding when they wore one, the hens party, the festival, the baby shower, the photo shoot or midsummer event…

Crowns have been with us forever, they are a timeless adornment steeped in tradition and meaning.  I love the way a crown can say so much about the person that wears it.  To me, a crown of wildflowers brings out the best in us, honouring peace and love and the beauty of mother nature.

The wonderful benefit of a dried flower crown is that it will look divine all through the day and night without wilting the way fresh flowers do.  Dried flowers are a subtle, ethereal option that is more thoughtful and sustainable than something plastic or glittery.  Beyond the day they are worn, they can also be taken home to be worn again and again in the future; they look beautiful hung up on a wall hook, around the edge of your bedhead, or nestled up on a bookshelf.

My crowns feature dainty everlasting flowers and wild details, much of which has been grown in my own backyard garden.  I like my crowns to be full, but not too full, and angelic in style as they nearly form a full circle around the head.  I loop the ends of the base and use a natural silk ribbon for securing; this way you have room to adjust the size to fit your head just right, sitting high above the hairline or along the forehead, whichever you prefer.

- Wildflower crowns are available in my four signature styles, but do feel free to get in touch if you have any specific requests for certain colours or flower varieties.

- An adjustable length of beautiful silk ribbon in a cream tone is attached for securing.

- Not for international sale.

Carbon Neutral

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