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Hello and welcome! I am Elizabeth! - I am so happy that you have popped into the Shop to have a look around!

I am the sole trader here at AMBLE & TWINE.  My small business is run out of my home and everything you see... is me!  I grow, I forage, I collect, I create, I design, I photograph, I stock the Shop and send out your orders... and everything in between!  

I am never far away if you have any questions or special requests. Contact me anytime by clicking the CONTACT tab at the top or bottom of my home page.  If I don't get back to you right away I'm probably in the garden or chasing the kids around and I will get back to you soon!  Thank you SO MUCH for being here and I hope you enjoy your visit!


It all started with my garden... with a love of growing flowers and connecting with nature... gathering... being creative... staying immersed in the magic of our environment, and finding new ways to bring that magic into my home...  While I was pregnant with Ella, during an extended stay on the family farm in Crescent Head, I started weaving together vines that I collected from the surrounding woodlands until suddenly, a blank canvas appeared before me... one to adorn with all of my home grown flowers. 

I searched for new ways to be creative with these materials, and I started to gather the best tools that I could find to help me along this journey.  With a little nudge from a friend and a realisation that I wanted to work in my garden and share this experience with others - full-time - I created AMBLE & TWINE.

This is where I celebrate the beauty of our environment – treasures from both the garden and the wild - I grow my flowers in the most earth-friendly ways that I can - I do not use any harmful pesticides or herbicides and I increasingly implement permaculture-based principles into my garden designs.  My environmental ethics extend to foraging as well - I tread lightly in the wild, staying mindful of what and where I am collecting... and I dry my materials naturally in my home without the use of any preservatives, bleaches or dyes. 

Every little piece of AMBLE & TWINE is a piece of me, my Shop is a special place that I have designed to share my story and to inspire others to join me along this joyful path of growing, gathering, and creating! Thank you so much for being here with me!

With love,

Elizabeth xx