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Alyssum Seeds

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Lobularia maritima 'Carpet of Snow'

The most wonderful thing about alyssum is that once you sow it you will have it forever.  You need this flowering annual for many reasons... it is a low-growing ground cover with a bit of a sprawling, spilling nature.  It will fill in little gaps, pop up in crevices just where you need it, it will create an incredible front border to your beds, and gracefully spill over the edges of pots and planter boxes.  It is happy in full sun, but doesn't mind a bit of shade, either.   

It is also handy to have in the front of your beds because it is an edible flower, and lovely to have in reach to garnish your salads and desserts.  Along with the white cosmos, I love how having continuous splashes of white throughout my gardens makes everything work together.  White flowers are also a magnet for pollinators - enjoy watching little hover bees hang out around these flowers and breathe in their sweet fragrance as well.  

- If you have any questions about sowing and growing your seeds, please feel free to get in touch with me.  Every seed I sell I grow myself so I am always here for you at any step along the way.

- 1200 seeds

Carbon Neutral

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