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Cosmos Seeds - Tall Pink

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Cosmos bipinnatus 'Sensation Radience, Pink'

If you don't have cosmos in your garden you're mad!  They are gorgeous, bloom constantly, are easy to grow, readily self-seed, and make a perfect cut-flower.  What more could you want?  These pollinator-magnets provide that consistent interest in your garden no matter what you are growing.

- These are the giants!  They can grow to 100cm tall and often require staking - no, you didn't do anything wrong, it just happens sometimes.

- Cosmos also make a perfect cut-flower.  No matter what, if you grow cosmos, you will always have something you can go out and pick to bring in your home.  I always have little bud vases around my kitchen sink with cosmos in them.  

- These are wonderful for pressing.  You can press the whole flower or individual petals, but best of all is their ferny lace-like foliage that results in sunning pressed flower art.

- If you have any questions about sowing and growing your seeds, please feel free to get in touch with me.  Every seed I sell I grow myself so I am always here for you at any step along the way.

- 100 seeds

- Not for international sale

Carbon Neutral