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Dried Banksia Flowers - Dryandra

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Banksia - Dryandra heliantha

These beautiful and unique little natives can be found growing naturally in the southwestern region of Australia.  There are several different varieties, with the most notable difference being the width of the serrated foliage.  This variety is commonly known as 'Oak Leaf' Dryandra, due to the wide shape of its leaves.

Just like all banksias, these dry beautifully.  There is such a low water content in the leaves and flowers that they feel tough and leathery even when they are fresh, except for the centres of the flowers, which are soft and fluffy and so much fun to feel. 

Uniquely shaped leaves are sage green, sharply pointed, and remind me of holly; they surround tobacco toned bracts and then the soft inflorescence, which is also sage green, matching the leaves, and the stems are woody and strong.  I love the simple, uniform look of these textural beauties bunched together in a medium sized vase... something neutral and different to add to your home or creative projects.  

- Each bunch includes 5 perfectly dried banksia stems; each stems measures approximately L 25cm x W 10cm

Carbon Neutral