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Dried Banksia Flowers - Hookeriana

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Banksia hookeriana

Everyone's favourite banksia, myself included - and how could you resist these soft, peachy blooms and uniquely serrated leaves... it really is one of Australia's most incredible wildflowers. 

These ‘Acorn Banksias’ dry perfectly, retaining their colour and fuzzy feel, and will last forever in your home; the flowers sit upon strong, woody stems that are excellent for vases, extra-large wreaths and dried arrangements. This species is very similar to the 'Prionotes,' except that the foliage is more delicate and the cones are slightly smaller; I also think that this variety is best at retaining its natural colours after they are dried.  

Native to the southwestern part of the country, these flowers grow on large, bushy shrubs and bloom in the winter months.  As with all banksias, they will transform into ornate seed pods, many of which need to be exposed to fire in order to germinate the seeds.  Well-adapted to bushfires... many banksia species will easily recover from fire due to the thick bark that protects their trunk, and the presence of lignotubers which allow the plant to re-shoot from their base.  What a truly magical native wildflower.

- Bunch of 3, perfectly dried in my home studio and lovingly wrapped up in tissue paper and twine

- Naturally dried, native banksia stems measure approximately L 25cm x W 10cm

- Please bear in mind that every flower is unique, your blooms may differ slightly from the images shown 

Carbon Neutral

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