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Dried Bunny Tails

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Lagurus ovatus

Another incredible harvest of bunny tails is here.  These are such a joyful addition to my garden, particularly because the kids love them so much and are always playing with them.  

Robbie helped me cut and bunch these all up and we hung them in the potting shed where it is warm and dry... now these blooms have aged gracefully to a warm, golden hue and are ready to be popped in a little vase or added to your own creations. 

Everybody loves bunny tails.  If your bunny tails are still a bit green, that just means we've picked them more recently, and they will fade to beige over time.

- Homegrown bunches measure approximately L 30cm x W 15cm, contains at least 25 fluffy blooms which can vary slightly in size and shape

- Bunny tails are an environmental weed in many areas - take care not to allow seeds to drop outdoors - if you grow them, harvest before seeds disperse

Carbon Neutral

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