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Dried Paper Daisies - White Bells

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Rhodanthe manglesii 

These incredible little daisies are most certainly a favourite of mine.  They look like shimmering gemstones, always catching the light... glittering and glimmering in the most wonderful way.

The flowers are dainty and delicate; the white form is truly white as snow, with yellow middles that become more mustardy in colour as they dry.  Like most paper daisies, these dry impeccably well and they will keep their vibrant white colour and gorgeous shape indefinitely. 

In Australia, they are commonly known as 'Silver Bells,' because the bell-shaped blooms and dangling buds are almost translucent and shiny - making them look like silvery bells.  Airy flowers sit upon very sturdy, almost wiry stems that are perfect for vases and bouquets as they will not droop. 

- Beautiful Australian native wildflowers; locally grown, naturally dried and lovingly wrapped up in tissue paper and twine - perfect for treating yourself, your home, or a loved one. 

- These flowers have been carefully dried by hand in my home studio - the blooms are intact and not damaged, as can often be found with this variety.

- Fully dried paper daisy bunches are a medium size and measure approximately L 35cm x W 20cm.  They are not treated in any way and can ultimately be home composted.

- Not for international sale

Carbon Neutral