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Dried Stellatas

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Scabiosa stellata or 'Sternkugel'

A special posy of my homegrown Stellatas.  Some people call them 'Drumsticks,' but I have always called them Stellatas because they really are like an incredible little galaxy of STARS.  I sowed these in autumn and have had such a big harvest again this year, continually picking them throughout early summer.  Stellatas are perfectly suited for using in your own creative designs or for popping in a little bud vase.  The stems are not long but they are very sturdy and the seeds hold onto the heads well as I picked them at just the right stage.  

- Homegrown Stellatas include at least 15 ornate seed heads, grow from seed, naturally air dried in my home studio, never preserved or treated in any way.

- Bunches have short stems and measure approximately L 20cm x W 15cm

Carbon Neutral