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Echinacea Seeds

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Purpurea magnus 'Coneflower'

A perennial favourite, once these get going, you will have them forever in your garden.  Echinacea is a North American native that thrives here in Australia.  Just give them a little bit of time to get started in seed trays. 

My plants continue to spread out wider each year as the underground rhizome grows.  Eventually, I will dig up the plants and divide them - this is also the perfect time to have a go at harvesting your own echinacea root for medicinal purposes.  Just slice some thin layers of the root and lay flat to dry or use a dehydrator.  You can grind that into a powder or steep in with your tea to enjoy the well-know medicinal properties of this stunning flower.  In saying that, the medicinal properties of echinacea are found {although in lower quantities} in every part of the plant, so you can also try using the petals or leaves to dry and steep as well.

- If you have any questions about sowing and growing your seeds, please feel free to get in touch with me.  Every seed I sell I grow myself so I am always here for you at any step along the way.

- 200 seeds

Carbon Neutral