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Flower Pot Brush

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Have you seen my terracotta pot collection?

I have never counted them all, there are just too many, but if you have seen my home it is obvious that I really love flower pots.  So, this beautiful tool has proven very useful to me, I was getting really tired of grabbing the kitchen brush from inside when re-potting and tidying up the back patio. 

Container gardening is essential for porches and patios, but it does require maintenance.  When you re-pot something you will notice that roots have been so determined to spread and grow that they often get stuck onto the interior of the pot, {especially terracotta} along with other debris and build-up.

The brush itself is absolutely gorgeous and sits so pretty in my potting shed; it is durable, tough, and the cone-shaped bristle head effortlessly scrubs away dirt.  I also use this for scrubbing away algae build-up on bird baths, saucers and on the bottoms of pots as well.

- Designed by Nutscene and made in Germany with thick, natural fibre bristles and sustainably sourced, solid beech wood.  Beautiful, useful, and built to last.

- Measures approximately L 28cm x W 12cm

Carbon Neutral