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Gardening Tool Roll - Waxed Canvas

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Includes three stainless steel gardening tools - wooden handled trowel, hand fork, and weeder

This waxed canvas tool roll, complete with three essential stainless steel and wood-handled gardening tools is an absolute must for any gardener and is sure to inspire you to head outdoors.  Whether you consider yourself to be a serious gardener or just one who enjoys pottering about in the backyard, you will love having this beautiful tool roll by your side.

As you unroll it, you will find a planting trowel, a hand fork, and a weeder. All made from strong stainless steel with gorgeous wooden handles and convenient leather straps attached to each tool. 

The waxed canvas roll is also cleverly designed with both large and small pockets, perfect for storing ties, labels, and tools, and is designed to protect and store your tools for years to come. It is equipped with elastic straps to help keep your tools neatly in place. The roll ties up with a simple leather strap and charming solid brass fittings. 

  • High quality stainless steel tools with beautiful wooden handles
  • Waxed canvas is tough, sturdy, and water resistant
  • Includes a planting trowel, a hand fork, a weeder and still has plenty of room for additional items such as ties, tags, labels or other tools. 
  • Perfect for gardening jobs both big and small
  • Stunning simple design
  • Genuine leather
  • Designed in Australia by Heaven in Earth

Clean off any residual dirt and dry tools prior to storing in tool roll. Carry pouch around with you everywhere in the garden to help with weeding, digging and other regular garden jobs.

Tuck tools into pouch handles-first, then fold the top of the pouch down over the stainless part of the tools and roll - tie-up using the genuine leather strap and brass fittings.

This gorgeous gardening set would make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys spending time in the garden. Be sure to leave me a note before checking out so that I can include a message in with your order. 

Carbon Neutral

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