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Honesty Seeds

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Lunaria biennis 'Mixed'

As elegant as its name, these stunning flowers of yesteryear are a staple for drying.  Perhaps you have a memory of these dried seed pods on your grandmother's kitchen counter.  Those glass-like coins on sturdy stems will sit in a vase in your home forever or can be carefully woven into an everlasting wreath.

The fragrant blooms are white and violet and can reach 90cm tall.  Enjoy them in situ while you wait for the the real prize - the flat seed pods which, as they mature, are like shimmering glass windows.  Pick them when they are well developed and stiff, so that the casings fall away easily.  

Honesty is a biennial, which means it lives for 1-2 years.  This can also mean that they take a little bit longer to bloom, so be patient and grow your cosmos while you wait.

- 55 seeds, not for international sale

Carbon Neutral