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Lavender Seeds

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Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead'

Lavender is a perennial plant that is usually purchased full-grown from nurseries, but it can easily be grown at home from seed.  It takes a little while to get them going but they will bloom in the first year and you will have so many plants from one seed packet; It is best to start them in autumn or winter for spring flowering.  After they finish blooming, cut them back for a second bloom.  In their second year the plants will produce even more.

This beautiful variety is sometimes called 'English' lavender or 'True' lavender and has an incredible scent and beautiful structure, ideal for cutting and drying.  This is also a special one because this is one of the best types of lavender for consuming, so if you love to add homegrown flowers into your cooking repertoire then this one is for you.  It also has a wonderfully soft mauve colour, as apposed to the darker purple varieties. 

- Start seeds in trays in autumn or winter and have patience with them.  They can be kept outside even if you have frosts as they actually need a bit of cold stratification in order to germinate.  Seeds are tiny and need to be sown on the surface because they also need light to germinate.  Keep the soil moist, and once you have sprouts large enough to handle, prick them out and pot into larger punnets or cells.  Plant them out in the garden during late winter or early spring. 

- 150 seeds 

Carbon Neutral