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Marigold Seeds

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Tagets erecta 'Crackerjack'

The oldest companion plant in the book... every garden must have marigolds, whether or not you grow flowers or veggies, you need to have these in your repertoire.  And these are the big ones, worthy of cutting for your vases, they will grow to 90cm high with giant pop pop blooms in bright shades of yellow and orange.  Pluck the petals off and scatter on salads or leave them in the garden to deter pests and please the pollinators. 

Marigolds are also the best defence for the dreaded root-gall nematodes, which I have been battling myself.  When they feast on marigold roots, they die, so planting a season of marigolds in a worrying patch is one of the best treatments available.  Fast growing.  Long flowering.  Self-seeding.  Beneficial.  Edible.  How could you not?   

- 250 seeds

Carbon Neutral