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Eruca sative 'Salad Rocket'

This may sound dramatic, but I cannot imagine life without fresh rocket in the garden!  Rocket is seriously delicious... so rich and meaty and flavourful.  I am always eating it straight from the garden when I'm out there tending to my flowers.  

It doesn't get any easier than this one!  These little guys sprout up fast and you will be plucking leaves for your salads in a matter of a few weeks.  This is also why these are a perfect, quick-growing food crop to sow in between your flowers.

Let a few go to seed and you will have rocket forever!  No need to sow in trays or punnets, just sprinkle in the garden and water-in well and you will be adding this delicious superfood to your salads and sandwiches in no time!

- Not for international sale

- For more information on sowing and growing, visit SETTLER at or get in touch with me...  Every seed I sell I grow myself so I am always here for you at any step along the way!

- 1000 seeds in stunning resealable packets, perfect for managing the amount of seeds you sow - make sure you save some for later!

- Keep this beautiful packet to collect and store your own seeds from these flowers at the end of the season.