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Snapdragon Seeds

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Antirrhinum majus 'Panorama Mix' 

Snap snap snap snap!  These flowers remind me so much of my childhood.  I used to love finding them in the garden and pinch the little blooms to make them snap.  This is a vigorous variety that will bloom tall in the brightest of colours...  These are annuals, but the bright pink one in the images has been living in my side yard for over a year. 

Makes an incredible addition to your garden and for bringing indoors... use as a focal flower for your fresh arrangements.  And make sure you show the kids how to snap them!  This is such a fun way encourage little ones to look more closely at flowers... to touch them, feel them, and interact with them... and spot pollinators enjoying them as well.  And really, don't they just look exactly like little dragons.

- Be patient with germination, these pop up as tiny little sprouts and I prefer to raise them in seed trays, but they can certainly be sown directly as well.  Started in spring, they will bloom through summer, and in temperate climates will bloom continuously year round.

- Not for international sale 

- 750 seeds

Carbon Neutral