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Strawflower Seeds

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Xerochrysum bracteatum - Helichrysum 'Double Mix'

The star of the show.  The perfect flower and my absolute favourite.  Strawflowers are very long lasting plants - once they get going, they bloom relentlessly and will provide you with such an abundance of blooms to enjoy in the garden and then bring inside to dry and keep forever.  They are truly everlasting as they retain their shape and colour perfectly.

The more you collect, the more these plants give back.  Their cut and come again nature means you can harvest many blooms from one single plant.  This mix includes a kaleidoscope of colours, sure to provide a cheerful display.  These are the big ones, meaning they can get to 90cm tall.  Give them full sun and they will keep blooming through the hot, dry summer.   

- Get the most out of your plants by wiring some flower heads with florist wire as well as drying some on their natural stems.  

- These seeds need light to germinate, sow on the surface of your seed raising mix, press them down and keep moist.  You can cover the seed with vermiculite, but I usually leave them uncovered.  Sprouts are very tiny at first.  

- 200 seeds

Carbon Neutral

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely delighted 🌺

All the seeds are wonderful, a boost of colours.
I think I bought most of them and always come back for more.
It is so lovely to receive parcels from Elisabeth, fast shipping and a wonderful lady too. 🥰🌺🌺

Beautiful seeds

Beautiful seeds and thoughtful packaging.