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Wolf's Garden Cleanse Bar

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This beautiful Cleanse Bar is hand made in small batches and is cold-processed, keeping the integrity of the ingredients. This Bar is pure luxury. Filled with plant extracts, it will give your skin a nourishing clean. The richness of Walnut Oil provides hydration, wattleseed scattered through the Bar provides a gentle exfoliation and Green Clay will help wash away surface toxins. With aromas of violet leaf, vetiver, cedarwood and grapefruit, this is filled with a deeply comforting aromas of mountain air.

- Perfect for gardeners and creative, hardworking hands

- 100g bars wrapped in Lokta Shrub paper, handmade by local families in Nepal, and Elephant Dung Paper. Contains no plastics. Earth-friendly & compostable.

- REWILD CO PERFUMERY - Artisian Perfumes - made by Amanda in the wild southern coast of Buandig Country, South Australia. A collection of scents; whispering tales of mountain adventures, lost love, flowered fields, and mossy creeks.

- Amanda is a perfumer, scent designer, and nature-lover who spends her days mixing, blending, testing and creating.  Her scents are made from ethically-sourced and certified resins, woods, petals, roots, leaves, and blossoms.