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amble and twine dried flowers australia reviews kind words and testimonials

Reviews | Kind Words & Testimonials

I love hearing from happy customers.  Here are some of the kind words that I have received in my inbox this past year.  If you have received an order from me that you have enjoyed, please do send through a message to me, or leave a review for your item on the page that you purchased from, so that your thoughts can be shared with our lovely community.  Thank you so much to all who have taken the time to share.  - Elizabeth xx


Hi Elizabeth, A massive thank you for your stunning flowers. I ordered one of these small bouquets for my mum in Brisbane for Mother’s Day and she was so incredibly touched.  Over the years I’ve tried to purchase her fresh flowers from various local suppliers and we have had so many poor experiences (shipping issues, long wait times, wrong delivery addresses, very poor quality flowers, some quite hideous and nothing like the pictures I would have chosen, etc).   

After finding your beautiful website I purchased her a bouquet and everything about the experience was exceptional. From my end, the ordering process was so easy and you were incredibly efficient to get them to her a whole week before Mother’s Day.  She said that the thing that blew her away the most when she opened the package was how she knew instantly that this was a special package, one that had been created with so much love, she could feel it in every piece of the package, from the way it was put together to the beautiful delicate hand dried flowers.

Afterwards I also shared with her some of your philosophies and principles behind your business based on the Swell magazine and what I had read on your blog and she loved it even more, we both have just been overjoyed with the experience.  I look forward to making more purchases from your lovely shop in the future! 

Sara S. - Hunter Valley, NSW

Hi Elizabeth, I want to thank you. I entertain children in the Royal Children's Hospital. Some days are more difficult than others and Melbourne winter is so grey and gloomy and dark, I leave home in the dark and finish at sunset. I realised I need beauty in my share house room so I can fill my cup and be my best for the little kidlets. I originally went looking for Bridgerton Wisteria style hangings (haha) and that was a rabbit hole... Then I came across your page and saw the elegance, vibrance and beauty was what I was looking for. Wholesome, pretty and makes me think of spring meadows and romance. Between this, some soft lights, a good playlist and the new canvas and oil paints I've ordered, I think I have it! So thank you for building your life this way and making your store. I am looking forward to having a simple beauty to come home to after the difficult days and also the heart-filling ones.

Falon R. - Melbourne, VIC

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I think it is proof how much I love my bouquet, that I keep taking photos of it :) I found it hard to decide between Elizabeth's beautiful bouquets, and she was very patient with me in answering my questions. I decided on the Mulla bouquet and couldn't be happier. Focal point of my living room for many years to come - THANK YOU 

Valan D. - Sydney, NSW

Really happy with the product. Bought for my sister in law and I to have a Christmas craft night. Unfortunately auspost messed up the delivery which meant the flowers were quite crumbly by the time they arrived. However the seller rectified this immediately and sent some more flowers. Highly recommend and am really happy with my wreath. Thanks.

Pierce A. - Darlinghurst, NSW

Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for your reply!  I am so sorry, I must have missed a step where I could enter a note, but I have placed my order, we would like to pick up the flowers this Sunday.  I saw an article about you in Swell magazine and I just think you and your gorgeous family are so amazing, I love that you dry everything without chemicals and the flowers and bouquets you make are absolutely beautiful!!! We are soooo excited to pick them up!!  We can't wait to enjoy the flowers for many years to come!!

Katie H. – Newcastle, NSW

I’ve only just been able to take a photo of the wreath today; thank you thank you THANK YOU! This wreath is absolutely beautiful and so much better than I could have imagined. I have been showing everyone and am passing your info on as well.  Do you offer wreath making courses?  I also want to arrange another couple down the track; a Christmas one and one for the general household. Thank you again, I absolutely love it.

Sarah S. – Berkely Vale, NSW

Hi my beautiful wedding bouquet arrived this morning and I’m so delighted.  My daughter will be so happy when she sees it after school.  You done a wonderful job on them and they are just so pretty. Thank you for your communication and for packaging everything so carefully.  I will definitely recommend your business to others.

Kate F. – Narrabeen, NSW 

I have just placed another order and I am so looking forward to its arrival, I’ve loved everything I have bought from you so far. I enjoy your account so much and am inspired to try and convince my partner that we need to turn part of our paddock into a flower meadow lol.

Sally H. – Wallan, VIC

I just wanted to reach out to u and tell you that you are my most favourite business on Instagram!  I love all that you stand for.  I love your creations and creativity, and love all the knowledge you share about flowers, gardens and plants.  You're an inspiration!  All your products are just gorgeous and I can see the love and passion in everything you do. I also know as a mummy how hard it can be. You should be incredibly proud and you bring a smile to my face every time I see your posts and stories pop up.

Caitlin S. – Manly, NSW

Hello there Elizabeth, a little note to thank you for my parcel which I received yesterday, it was so beautifully and thoughtfully wrapped and had such a delicious scent as I opened it, the starry scabiosa seed heads I have on my bedside table and look so lovely and delicate in a little antique cream pot, the trug I have added to my collection because I love trugs and they have so many uses, kindest regards.

Lynn C. – Langwarrin, VIC

Hi Elizabeth, Thank you again for the bouquets, they were perfect for the birthday lunch.  You really have the best dried flowers I’ve seen.  And thank you for being so quick to reply!

Anne G. – Sydney, NSW

Dear Elizabeth, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for your absolutely gorgeous flowers. We were over the moon with how they turned out. You are so talented and have the best dried flowers. I also love that we are able to keep them as a memory forever. I've attached a few photos from our special day for you.

Miriam R. – Canberra, ACT

My flowers arrived today and are sitting on the mantle and are the perfect addition to the living room.  I have never seen such high quality dried flowers, looking forward to buying again.

Bree A. – Avalon, NSW

Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to write and say a massive thank you for our beautiful bouquets - they made the day! It was a stressful week with the flowers shifting but you were so amazing to chat to and the bouquets were exactly what I had hoped for. My flower girls adored their mini posies and they looked so cute! I'm so glad we went with dried flowers because we can now keep them. Thanks again for your help and wonderful work, please let us know how to best plug your business as we would love too!  Best wishes to you.

Andrea M. – Lake Macquarie, NSW

Hi Elizabeth, I just thought I would let you know I received the flowers today, which was nice as it is my birthday.  They are lovely and will be perfect for my wedding, I will be using them as my bridal bouquet next Wednesday.  Thanks again. 

Ashlee G. – Sydney, NSW

Hi Elizabeth, I am very happy to say that an order I placed with you on Saturday arrived safely here and we collected it this morning, the paper daisy white bells are stunning.  Thank you kindly for packing my purchases so carefully!!

Lorraine P. – Harden, NSW 

Hi Elizabeth - a quick note to advise that my order arrived safely today at Ocean View, QLD in perfect condition.  The package that arrived today contained my entire order.  I love the two bouquets of Blushing Bride and one bouquet of Strawflowers.  Thank you very much for providing such exceptional customer service - I really appreciate it.  I will definitely buy some of your wildflower bouquets.

Alexandra B. – Ocean View, QLD

Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for my beautiful bridal bouquet and flowers. They were absolutely perfect and everything I hoped for. I will send you through some photos. I will absolutely be highly recommending your beautiful business. Thank you so much again, it couldn’t have possibly been more perfect.  Thank you so much and thank you for contributing to the magic of our day with your world.  I’m still so in love and obsessed with this beautiful bouquet.

Lauren G. – Newcastle, NSW

Hello Elizabeth! Today I received the most beautiful packaged quality strawflowers.  They are perfect and I have just done another order and maybe cleaned out your shop  I will be using these with our native greenery from around the farm for our wedding floral arrangements and I am now so excited for our day to come together with these perfect magical pops of colour, that I will be able to reuse to remind of of our day for a really long time  xx Jackie

Jackie E. – Byaduk, VIC

Hey Elizabeth, Hope you are well!  Just wanted to let you know we looooove our flowers!  My Mum placed another order for more flowers for her and I. It’s under the name Gabby K.  Just wanted to say thanks so much and looking forward to receiving the next flowers.  Katie xx :)
Katie H. – Gosford, NSW

Hello lovely, thank you for your journals about mental health. I have suffered from anxiety for about 6 years (was probably pnd that was undiagnosed). I still struggle on and off depending on what's going on in my life. Today it feels heightened and I read your journal and I'm feeling so drawn to needing gardening to be a part of my therapy. Seeing your beautiful garden and house full of drying blooms is exactly what I want and need in my life. But even thinking about where to start gives me anxiety. I get so overwhelmed. Where do I even start? I want to learn it all. But it's taking that first step that I stumble. I would love it you could give me some guidance. Where do I learn? Where do I begin. I feel like now is the time for me to make a change xxxx

Melanie C. – Woombye, QLD

I’ve only just been able to take a photo today; thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! This wreath is absolutely beautiful and so much better than I could have imagined. I have been showing everyone and am passing your info on as well.  Do you offer wreath making courses?  I also want to arrange another couple down the track; a Christmas one and one for the general household. Thank you again; I absolutely love it.

Sarah L. – Paxton, NSW

Hi my beautiful wedding bouquet arrived this morning and I’m so delighted.  My daughter will be so happy when she see’s it after school.  You done a wonderful job on them and they are just so pretty.  The perfume I will use on my wedding day too. Such a beautiful scent.

Jacqueline J. – Bradbury, NSW 

Dear Elizabeth, I just had to thank you for the MOST beautiful packages that have arrived today and last week from your store. I genuinely gasped when I unwrapped the pink dried strawflowers. So, so sweet and delicate -the colours are truly unreal and the perfect colour for an upcoming brides floral crown! I am beyond thrilled and hopeful for the collection of seeds to begin my own little garden for my floral work. Thank you so much for your email letting me know about the split delivery and for the gorgeous care and consideration for your wrapping such precious gifts. This was a really special delivery to arrive and just really made my week. Thank you so much for your beautiful work and the caring energy you deliver into all areas of your practice.  Warmly, Annie

Annie D. – Red Hill, QLD

Hi Elizabeth, My beautiful items arrived and I felt like a kid at Christmas time.  I am at a loss for words over how beautiful my two wreaths are.  My bonus mini wreath was claimed by my son because he thought it was magic and wanted it above his bed (he’s four and full of imagination) Thank you so much for all of your time and effort to create such beautiful pieces.  All will be proudly displayed around my home because they truly are works of art.  My son wanted to send some photos posing with the wreaths so I’ve attached a few images. He is in need of a haircut and he thought trying pigtails would make him look an insect, then a cow… oh to be a kid again and so full of innocence.  Take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing more of your adventures on your social media posts.

Teilah R. – Horsham, VIC

The most beautiful, amazing wreath that we will love for years and years and years! This maker is so passionate about what she does; it comes through in the quality of her work. Every detail was considered, even down to the eco friendly packaging, personalised note and of course the stunning wreath.  Posted on time and great communication!

Rainie O. – Newcastle, NSW

Dear Elizabeth, I am writing to express my gratitude for the beautiful wreaths and flowers that I have recently received.  They are stunning and fill my heart with joy every time I look at them.  Thank you very much, your work is filled with love and it is so nice to enjoy these beautiful floral displays in my home.

Kerren M. – Collingwood, VIC

Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to let you know that my item had arrived safely.  The wreath is stunning; you went above and beyond! Thank you so much.  I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future.  And thank you for your posts.  I love seeing your garden, work station and your kids enjoying all your garden/flower magic.  My son and I went exploring the riverbanks the other day and I got to introduce him to sea holly and billy buttons. I felt inspired by you so thank you!

Teilah R. – Horsham, VIC

Hi Elizabeth, Your garden is looking amazing!  This week my first two paper daisies bloomed from seeds I bought from you and I wanted to share this with you.  If it weren’t for you, I would never have known how beautiful these flowers are.  Thank you so much for bringing these gorgeous flowers into my life.  I can’t tell you how happy they’ve made me.

Sharon L. – Hamlyn Terrace, NSW

You have been so incredibly kind and wonderful to be in contact with.  You have gone above and beyond with me and I appreciate it so much.  I will continue to buy from you in the future.  Love your beautiful flowers!

Monette L. – Sydney, NSW

Hi Elizabeth,  The Botanical Press is stunning!  I love that the bottom screws stay in; my son has a press where the screws don’t stay in so when he tries to do it up and lift it the screws come straight out as he moves it around which really annoys him.

Amber P. – Idalia, QLD

Hi Elizabeth, I lost my husband in a horrific truck crash a few months ago and I couldn’t say goodbye to him.  I used to have a house full of hanging flowers back in New Zealand years ago like you.  I hung some of my flowers that people sent after Raymond’s accident and my friend gave me one of your flower hangers and so I followed you and got another one; I’m starting to grow a few more flowers to hang and I look forward to your posts every day.  I can’t wait to start a little garden for Raymond. 

Lynette S. – Glenreagh, NSW

Morning Elizabeth, I received my order yesterday evening.  Thank you so much!  I love every single part of it.  I love reading and following you on Instagram.  You are inspiring!  I have already hung some of my hydrangea blossoms from my flower hanger.  It is so pretty, and some beautiful leaves are being pressed in the Botanical Press.  Thanks again.

Debra A. – Ontario, Canada


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  • Louise

    Thank you Elizabeth for my beautiful wreath making kit. The presentation was stunning so much so I ordered another for a gift .I also loved the guide to make the wreath.
    I love reading your posts and the knowledge you impart.
    Looking forward to more.

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